What to ask a potential cruise cabin mate:

Funguests sometimes do not have a cruise roommate so friends already booked on the cruise offer to find one. While this is a generous offer there are certain questions to ask before agreeing to travel with someone don't know. You could talk by phone to answer these questions, or you can each print and fill in this survey with your answers to exchange by snail mail or e-mail. We found these differences come up most often between cabin mates who do not know each other. Answer these questions honestly. Voluntarily tell your potential roommate if you use a CPAP machine, or if you like to go to designated areas on a ship to smoke. Are you politically sensitive? Will your religion play a big part in your daily activities aboard ship? Would you rather look at your Smart Phone than talk? Do you like the room quiet or the TV on? Are you looking for a roommate to share expenses only, or do you hope you and your roommate could also spend time together on the cruise as companions? It's important to know all the expectations of each other before agreeing to share the same small stateroom on a cruise ship. Don't be bashful. Speak up.


This page last updated: August 27, 2019